Welcome to City Seafood's Website.  Our beautiful restaurant is nestled in the small fishing village of Everglades City, Florida.  We are located a half mile off of Highway 29 on Begonia Street.  You can enjoy outdoor and indoor dining as you watch pelicans, seagulls, manatees, tarpon, and occasionaly alligators playing in the Barron River right off the dock! We also have a full liquor  Beach Bar now open! 
Fresh Stone Crabs Right from our own boats!
       We pride our-selve's on always having the freshest Seafood and Stone Crabs around because everything comes right from our own fishing and Stone Crab boats!  A compliment to our restaurant is our Seafood Market.  You can purchase fresh grouper, scallops, gator meat, oysters, Gulf shrimp, frog legs, mullet, Florida Lobster tail, Stone Crabs and softshell Blue Crabs.  So bring your cooler because we have plenty of ice to get all your goodies home with you!

        Also available for our out of town customers, we provide shipping all over the United States for stone crabs and other seafood.  Just click on the heading "Shipping" for more information. Or just call Candice @ 239-695-4700

   If your don't have a chance to dine with us, and you want to bring the experience home.  Go to our Specialties heading and check out our Surf & Turf Romantic dinner for two.  We will ship a entire meal of stone crabs and filet mignon right to your house with full instruction on how to prepare everything quick and easy.  We will provide everything but the date!
     There are plenty of  Kayak tours in the area we can help book you on. Wether  you are a novice, an intermediate, or an advanced kayaker, you can experience the unique wilderness waterways of the Everglades.  Here in the Ten Thousand Islands, we are surrounded by the most amazing diverse ecosystems on our planet:  Everglades National Park, Big Cypress National Preserve, Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve,  just to name a few!   If you are interested in a customized adventure geared to your particular needs please call for a reservations! We can also help sent you up with a local captain for fishing 

Gator Heads sold in our gift shop!
Shirts from our own clothing line sold in our gift shop. Please see the Krab Klothin heading at the top to see some of our porducts!  Call us if you have any questions!
Tons of Gator Souvenirs.  Gator tooth necklaces, Gator key rings, Gator claws, coffee mugs, photo albums, knifes, Gator skin wallets,  Shark tooth necklaces, magnets, and so much more!
When you come in visit our newly opened Gift shop. We have our own clothing line "Krab Klothin" Please check out some of our products here on the web site. Just go to the heading at the top!